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We seek to tell real stories to help our community educate, heal, advance financially, mentally and spiritually. When you hire T. Renee Garner Production Agency, you get knowledable team that is committed to your vision coming to life on stage in the form of film, and stageplay. We are connected with music and other productions team making T. Renee Garner Productions Your One Stop Agency.


Author Speaker | Producer Playwriter| Activist Coach

Hi I am Themitha (T. Renee) Garner, I have worked along some of the most powerful leaders in federal government and now in top leaders in the entertainment industry. What I do extremely well is turn messages in movies and stories into stageplays. I turned my story into an international best seller on Amazon, titled "Conquer the Man Monster Now! Secondly, I turned that book into a hit stageplay title The Man Monster Musical Gosep Comedy. I am not good at what I do, I am great. By working with me you will be inspired to just go be great in your life because that experience is your story. If you are ready and willing to share with others to heal through your lense of experience, talk to me first because I have the unique gift to turn story to a stageplay production that change lives for the greater good. Taking you from ageplay is what I do extremely well. I have an team of experience professional in the entertainment and book writing industry who are trusted and vetted to deliver the most professional and outstanding product. When you work with T. Renee Garner Productions, you will get my experience of lesson learned, implentation, and my connection to some of the top industry leading experts in the world including GOATs and legendary international motiviational speakers, best seller authors, playwriters, actor/actress, film, internationally known comedians and leading music artist in the entertainment industry.  

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FEATURED STORY Raising A Black Male in light of the George Floyd Incident.

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Where do you stand in the story of your about yourself?

Welcome to T. Renee Garner Productions!

T. Renee Garner Productions is a creative stage play agency in Maryland. T. Renee Garner Productions Agency is one of the unique stage play production companies that specializes in bringing your story to the stage for entertainment and education. We are one of the top inspiring stage play production agencies in Maryland with a creative team perfectly designed to bring your story to the stage as a full-service production agency.

Do you have a story?

Get ready to step into a new light, greater understanding and better mindset about who you are and what you're really worth by sharing your story!

From Story to Stageplay

I help you help yourself...

Tier 1

Write & Play Program

DIY Program from your manuscript to production with coaching services. Focused sessions which help you bring the foundation of your stage play. Up to three scenes. 

Tier 2

Take It to the Stage 

You have a vision! So where do one start? With no book or manuscript, you want support to shine. This coaching program is for you if you want a full production and just need the coaching assistance. Including story manuscript, casting assistance, graphics & production development plan. 

Tier 3

Story to Stageplay

When in doubt ask someone who can help you. This program is for you if you want to have the development plan from start to finish. Including  access to coaching program, casting assistance, graphics including a full production team - Rights, NDA, revisions, sound design, dance, attend all events

Up to how many casting calls, how many


Former Client

Being a part of the Man Monster stage play has allowed me to speak out on issues I care about. This production gives me the opportunity to stand in unity with men and women in the fight against domestic violence.

Let me share in your story so I can show you how to truly empower, rewrite, and impact...

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